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The purpose of Student Legal Services is to advise and counsel students concerning their legal rights and responsibilities through confidential meetings, publications and seminars.


The Offices of the Dean of Student Life has moved.  The new location for Student Legal Services is White Creek, Building 0072, Student Life Building #3, 861 West Campus Boulevard.  For more information on Student Services at White Creek, visit

WARNING:  Be aware of scammers representing themselves as various law enforcement agencies (with those caller ID numbers) demanding immediate payment by gift cards, prepaid debit cards, and ITunes cards.  Review scam alerts on the Federal Trade Commission website:

Student Legal Services maintains strict confidentiality and adheres to attorney-client privilege. All discussions between the student and attorney will remain confidential.

Student Legal Services does not render advice to students in a dispute against other Texas A&M students or against Texas A&M University and does not represent students in court. Additionally, referrals are not made to specific attorneys within the Bryan/ College Station community for assistance or representation in court.


The attorney is licensed by the Texas Bar Association and is a Texas A&M professional staff member available to all enrolled Texas A&M students for personal meetings, consultations, and as a speaker for students and recognized student organizations.

Student Legal Services is supported financially by student service fees. There is NO additional cost for appointments or consultations. Students are able to receive legal advice and assistance concerning a variety of student needs and topics.


Schedule an appointment:

Student Legal Services is located at White Creek, Building 0072, Student Life Building #3, 861 West Campus Bloulevard. To schedule an appointment, please call the Student Legal Services office at 979.862.4502. Please bring the Student Legal Services Intake Form and pertinent data, documentation, or information to the appointment in order to maximize your ability to take prompt action.


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Please contact our offices at 979.862.4502, email us at, or come by White Creek, Building 0072, Student Life Building #3, 861 West Campus Boulevard.

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