At Texas A&M, the Offices of the Dean of Student Life has over 100 employees! With more than 50 full-time staff members, 10 graduate assistants and 40 student assistants, we strive to serve the students of this university in keeping with our department's goal of Supporting You. 


Full-Time Employment Openings

All applicants for full-time positions require an application through Texas A&M University Workday. Below you will find a list of current positions open and a link to the position description and application.


Adviser for Graduate and Professional Student Council

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The Student Development Specialist II is a full-time advisor devoted to the needs and concerns of the Graduate and Professional Student Council overseeing the Student Research Week (SRW) student director, the Grad Camp Director, and assisting directly in all aspects of the Council s activities. Provides professional and supervisory skills for developing, planning, promoting, and implementing student developmental programs, activities, and/or services. Assists in developing and promoting unity, teamwork and communication of the committee through leadership development and training.

Administrative Coordinator I- New Student and Family Programs (No longer accepting applications) 

Coordinator for Off-Campus Student Services (No longer accepting applications) 




 Employment FAQs

1.   What does the structure of the Offices of the Dean of Student Life look like?

2.   How often does the department meet as a whole? How often do office staff meet? How often would this position be meeting with the direct supervisor?

  •   The department meets as a full staff once a month as well as holds two retreats each year. Program area meetings vary from once a week to every other week. Additional meetings include one on one meetings between supervisors and employees and department and division committee meetings. The frequency of these additional meetings may vary.

3.   What does the timeline for the hiring process look like? 

  •   All full-time positions will be posted for a minimum of 5 days. Application collection times vary; we encourage you to submit your application materials as soon as possible. Feel free to contact our HR coordinator at Christinep@studentlife.tamu.edu for a more detailed timeline for the specific position you are applying for.
  •   Full-time positions generally have a phone interview round and final candidates will proceed to an on-campus interview.

4.  Are there professional development opportunities for this position? If so, what are they?

  •   The department has a Professional Development and Staff Training committee that organizes two retreats a year as well as lunch and learn events and speakers at department meetings.
  •   The Division of Student Affairs Staff Development Team plans monthly division programs with speakers that connect with the division’s strategic plan. The team also coordinates new staff orientation several times a year.
  •   Professional development funds are usually allocated for graduate assistant and full-time positions. Funds may be used for attending training and conferences with the approval of your supervisor.
  •   Additional professional developments are available through the Division of Student Affairs Professional Development Grant program. http://dsastaff.tamu.edu/dsa-professional-development-grant

 5. If I apply for a position using my LinkedIn profile, do I need to include a resume and cover letter?

  • Yes, including a resume and cover letter in your application is strongly recommended when applying for a job within the Offices of the Dean of Student Life.