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Pregnant & Parenting Student Rights & Resources Brochure

The Offices of the Dean of Student Life has produced a brochure designed to help students determine their rights under Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 as well as provide basic information about resources available to them.  If you would like to request copies of the brochure for yourself or your office, please email the Women's Resource Center at or call 979.845.8784.


Many questions asked by pregnant and parenting students have nuanced answers which cannot be posted in the FAQ section of this website.  Students whose questions are not answered by these FAQs are encouraged to reach out to Student Assistance Services, the Women's Resource Center, or the other resources listed below.  


Academic Concerns:

  • What if I need to miss class or cannot meet assignment deadlines due to pregnancy complications or the delivery?

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Student Rules 7.1.10 (Absences Related to Pregnancy) and 10.6 (Grading Related to Pregnancy) allow for an excused absence for the time period deemed medically necessary by the student’s physician.  You must make each leave request separately, one to each instructor.


  • What happens to my full-time student status if I cannot attend class regularly during a semester?

Title IX gives you the opportunity to return to the same academic and extracurricular status as before your medical leave began but still expects you to complete the coursework required to receive a final grade.  When you return to school after the duration of absence deemed medically necessary by your physician, the department in which you took the course will offer ways to make up missed work, such as retaking a semester, online options if available, or timelines for completion of work.  You should be allowed to choose how to make up the work from available options.  

Students are advised to contact their Academic Advisor (or Committee Chair for graduate students) as soon as possible so that they may assist with developing a plan, including requesting a No Grade if applicable.  


  • Does the University provide me with special accommodations due to pregnancy?

The University is able to work with students to provide special accommodations on a case-by-case basis. Students are encouraged to work with their professors where appropriate for minor accommodations such as larger desks and access to non-public elevators.  Staff in Student Assistance Services and the Women's Resource Center are also available to assist with requesting accommodations.  

Students experiencing complications related to pregnancy may qualify for academic accommodations coordinated by Disability Services if the complication(s) qualify as an impairment that substantially limits a major life activity, or alternatively, whether the student has a record of or is regarded as having such impairment under Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Information about contacting Disability Services can be found at the bottom of the page.  

  •  What if I need to take an incomplete in a class?

A temporary grade of I (incomplete) at the end of a semester or summer term indicates that the student has completed the course with the exception of a major quiz, final examination, or single major assignment. The instructor shall give this grade only when the deficiency is due to an approved university excused absence (see Rule 7 of TAMU Student Rules) or based on criteria published in the Law School Handbook. Each instructor awarding an incomplete grade must complete an “Incomplete Grade Report,” which will be filed with the department head or designee of the department offering the course. Copies will also be sent to the student and to the student’s academic dean or designee. An incomplete must be removed before the last day of scheduled classes of the next long semester in which the student enrolls in the university unless the student’s academic dean or designee, with the consent of the instructor, grants a time extension. Students in law (JD), medicine (MD), dentistry (DDS), pharmacy (PharmD), nursing (RN), dental hygiene (BS) and veterinary medicine (DVM) may have a different deadline for completion of incompletes as published in student handbooks. In the absence of the instructor, the department head may grant a time extension. Failure to complete the required work in the appropriate period of time, or registering for the course again, will result in the I being changed to an F by the Registrar. Grades of I assigned to 684 (Professional Internships), 691 (Research), 692 (Professional Study), or 693 (Professional Study) are excluded from this rule.

In accordance with Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972, Texas A&M University shall treat pregnancy (childbirth, false pregnancy, termination of pregnancy and recovery therefrom) and related conditions as a justification for an excused absence for so long a period of time as is deemed medically necessary by the student’s physician.  Requests for leave of absence related to pregnancy should be directed to the instructor; questions about Title IX should be directed to the Title IX Coordinator.  (Texas A&M University Student Rules, Section 10.6)


Financial Concerns:

  • What happens to my financial aid or scholarship if I cannot attend class regularly during a semester or if I take a semester off?

Students who are receiving student financial aid or scholarships through the University are encouraged to meet with the Scholarships & Financial Aid Office as soon as possible to discuss the specifics of their situation.  If the student needs to take a semester off, they can apply for a medical withdrawal.  Once they return to school, they can apply to have their financial aid reinstated.  Scholarships awarded by donors outside of the University are not protected by Title IX.  Students should contact the donor to discuss option.  If the donor is willing to accommodate the student's needs, the Scholarships & Financial Aid Office muse receive a written request from the donor.  


Employment Concerns:

  • I am employed on campus, what happens if I need to miss work due to pregnancy or childbirth?

Texas A&M University protects the position of a student employee who is pregnant or has recently given birth under the provisions of the state's Parental Leave Act (PLA) and the federal Pregnancy Discrimination Act.

Extended time off due to medical difficulties related to pregnancy before childbirth will be granted to employees where appropriate, and reasonable accommodations will be made for return to work wherever possible.  An employee may be required to furnish medical documentation from the department.

Provisions of the state's PLA state that the employee may return to his or her position within 12 weeks from the child's date of birth.  Employees on maternal and paternal leave must keep their supervisors informed of their return to work status.

Student employees should contact their department's HR personnel if they have questions regarding their maternal or paternal leave, or contact Benefit Services at 979-862-1718 or


Child Care Concerns:

  • What childcare options are available in the community?

There are many childcare facilities in the Bryan/College Station Community.  The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) offers a database for parents to search for licensed facilities.  Parents are highly encouraged to utilize the database to learn about childcare options in our community and their relative safety. 

DFPS Childcare Database

In additional to the childcare facilities in the community, the University operates the Becky Gates Children's Center.  The Becky Gates Children’s Center serves the families of Texas A&M University’s Main Campus, including undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff and is part of Texas A&M University’s Division of Student Affairs. Approximately 165 children, ranging in ages from 12 months to 5 years participate in their programs.  Information about contacting the Becky Gates Children's Center can be found at the bottom of this page.  

  •  Is there financial assistance to pay for childcare?

Workforce Solutions Brazos Valley offers a low-income childcare subsidy through their Child Care Services program.  This the size of the subsidy is based on the parent's income.  To be eligible, each parent or guardian living with the child must be working, in an approved training program, or in school a minimum of 25 hours per week.  This program typically has a waitlist and students are encouraged to look into the program as soon as possible.

Workforce Solutions Brazos Valley Child Care Services

  • What if I need to miss a class or cannot complete an assignment due to my child's illness?

Texas A&M University Student Rule 7 states that these types of absences would be considered an excused absence.  Students are responsible for providing satisfactory evidence to the instructor to substantiate the reason for the absence.  Students are encouraged to work with the instructor to determine how to make up miss class work. Rule 7.1.2 relates to the death or major illness of a student's immediate family. Rule 7.1.3 relates to the illness of a dependent family member. 

Harassment Concerns:

  • What if I encounter harassment from a University faculty, staff, or student because of my pregnancy?
The University is obligated to protect students against harassment based on their pregnancy or related conditions if the harassment is persistent or pervasive enough to interfere with the student's ability to benefit from the University program or activity.  Comments that could constitute harassment include sexual comments related to the student's pregnancy, sexually charged names, spreading rumors about the student's sexual activity, making sexual propositions or gestures.


Campus Resources


Personalized Guidance 

Student Assistance Services
Student Life 3, Student Services @ White Creek                                 
The Women's Resource Center
Student Life 1, Student Services @ White Creek


Specialized Resources

Disability Services
Building #0062, Student Services at White Creek
Students experiencing complications related to pregnancy may qualify for academic accommodations coordinated by Disability Services if the complication(s) qualify as an impairment that substantially limits a major life activity, or alternatively, whether the student has a record of or is regarded as having such impairment under Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. 
Student Health Services Women’s Clinic
A. P. Beutel Health Center
The Women’s Clinic does not manage pregnancy, but can diagnose pregnancy and refer for prenatal care. The Women’s Clinic staff will see pregnant women for non-pregnancy related problems when appropriate and for postpartum care.
Student Counseling Service
757 West Campus Blvd.
The Student Counseling Service supports the academic and student development missions of Texas A&M University and the Division of Student Affairs. Through service, training, and research we are committed to the development of the whole person. We commit to providing all students services that are welcoming, respectful, and competent. Therefore, we are steadfast in our goal of meeting the needs of a variety of people, including students of diverse racial, ethnocultural and national backgrounds, sexual/affectional orientations, gender identities, physical and mental abilities/disabilities, languages, ages, religious/spiritual beliefs, career aspirations, and socioeconomic backgrounds. In order to accomplish this mission, we provide a full range of professional services including, personal and career counseling, academic skills enhancement, testing, outreach programming, psychiatric services, consultation, and crisis intervention. Research is conducted to benefit the practices of counseling, psychology and psychiatry, and to advance our knowledge in these areas.
Becky Gates Children's Center
1125 Hensel Drive 
College Station, TX 77840

The Becky Gates Children's Center serves the families of Texas A&M's Main Campus, including all classifications of students, faculty and staff.  The Center has approximately 165 children, ranging in age from 12 months to 5 years.  The Center provides full time care and their schedule matches the University Staff Calendar with the exception of staff development days.  The Center is licensed by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. Texas A&M University students can ask to have their child's tuition reduced by $100 per month.

Scholarships & Financial Aid
2nd Floor of the Pavilion

Texas A&M University offers many financial aid options to help you pay for college costs. Scholarships & Financial Aid is available to help you find information about applying for financial assistance, costs, types of aid and more.

Benefit Services
General Services Complex
750 Agronomy Rd, Suite 1201
College Station, TX 77843

Benefit Services is a part of the Division of Human Resources & Organizational Effectiveness devoted to assisting University Employees understand the benefits they receive as members of Texas A&M University.  


Questions Related to Title IX can be directed to:

Texas A&M University Title IX Coordinator

General Services Complex, Suite 2101




Questions related to students:
Dr. Anne Reber
Student Life 3, Student Services @ White Creek
College Station, Texas


Questions related to Faculty:
Dr. Blanca Lupiani
108 YMCA Building
College Station, Texas


Questions related to Staff or a Third Party:
750 Agronomy Rd, Suite 1201
College Station, Texas

Texas A&M University Undergraduate Studies Ombuds Services

Sterling C. Evans Library, Room 214


Texas A&M University Graduate and Professional Studies Ombuds Officer

112 Jack K. Williams Administration Building