Resources for Survivors of Sexual Assault


Texas A&M University Sexual Violence Protocol

The Texas A&M University Sexual Violence Response Guide is a resource for anyone effected by sexual violence.  The guide provides information for individuals who have recently been sexually assaulted as well as resources for all survivors.   

Online Resources


Campus and Community Resources

This page provides a list and websites of resources available to students at Texas A&M University as well as in the Bryan/College Station Community.  The page is broken up into sections for easier navigation.

National and International Resources

This page provides a list and websites of resources available to students in the United States as well as internationally.  The page is broken up into sections for easier navigation.


Academic Resources 


Women's and Gender Studies Program

A diverse intellectual community dedicated to the study of gender in culture and society. Our interdisciplinary approach to gender and the achievements of women provides a range of courses for both undergraduates and graduate students, encouraging study and research into the historical, cross-cultural, and multicultural aspects of gender.  

 Texas A&M University Women's Networks 


Women Administrators Network

The Women Administrators Network includes faculty and non-faculty women administrators and offers an opportunity for discussions and networking across the university, bringing together the academic, operational, and Student Affairs perspectives for engaged learning and sharing. 

Women's Faculty Network

The Women's Faculty Network is an organization committed to encouraging and promoting the professional development of women faculty through both formal programming and informal networking opportunities.

Women's Former Student Network

The mission of the Women Former Students’ shall be to enhance the excellence of Texas A&M University by promoting the active engagement of women in the educational, charitable, and cultural life of the institution. The mission shall be witnessed through increased engagement of women former students in academic, research and service activities; through their expanded role as mentors of current women students, and future generations of women students; and through their increased philanthropic ties to the university and the Association of Former Students. In the representation of its membership and in all its activities, the Network shall strive to value and promote inclusiveness and diversity.