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Breastfeeding Welcomed Here


What is Breastfeeding Welcomed Here?

Breastfeeding Welcomed Here

The Women’s Resource Center is dedicated to ensuring that nursing mothers are aware of the available campus facilities in which breast milk can be comfortably expressed. We offer a variety of resources to ensure parents and lactating women feel supported and that their unique needs are met. The Breastfeeding Welcomed Here initiative is available to all mothers at Texas A&M who are students, faculty, staff, or visitors on campus who wish to express milk.

The Women’s Resource Center and Texas A&M University are committed to supporting healthy practices for all Texas A&M staff, faculty, and students who are planning a pregnancy, are currently pregnant, or who are nursing. We encourage you to review the pages below to find out more information on available lactation spaces on campus, the benefits of breastfeeding, pertinent information on mothers’ rights, local resources, and how to set up a lactation space in a new campus facility. 

Lactation Spaces 

We worked with the Vice President and Associate Provost for Diversity and Texas A&M Human Resources to compile a list of the available spaces on campus that are clean, private, and functional for lactation purposes. 

Click the button below to access the list of available lactation spaces on Texas A&M's campus.

Lactation Space on Campus    

Click the button below to access a printable list of available lactation spaces on Texas A&M's campus.

Printable List of Lactation Space on Campus

Having trouble finding the location of a building that has a lactation space? Click the TAMU map button below. To view lactation space locations on the map, select "Lactation Room" in the map legend.


Benefits of Breastfeeding

Laws and Policies Pertaining to Parenting and Lactation



Lactation Room Setup