In Her Own Words: A Women-Focused Book Club



What is In Her Own Words?

In Her Own Words is a program of the Women’s Resource Center that uses a non-traditional approach to the study of women and women’s issues. The Book Club aims to unite all Aggies of all majors and genders who share a passion for acquiring and sharing information about women by providing an avenue in which students, faculty, and staff can engage in discussions and analyses of relevant literary works.

Who is Involved?

Qualified faculty members will be facilitating the meetings along with the help of top graduate students in the Interdisciplinary Progam in Women's and Gender Studies. The Women’s Resource Center is proud to partner with Texas A&M’s Interdisciplinary Program in Women’s and Gender Studies and Brazos Valley Reads.

What Do We Want Students to Gain from this Club?

We hope that by engaging in conversations about the important issues involving women, students will take one step in committing to lifelong learning, one of Texas A&M’s top priorities. By studying and discussing literature, students can demonstrate critical thinking, learn to communicate effectively, practice personal and social responsibility, demonstrate social, cultural, and global competence, and learn to work collaboratively. 

What are We Reading During the Spring Semester?

Prayers for the Stolen by Jennifer Clement. Clement will be visiting with members of the club during her visit to A&M in the spring. Prayers for the Stolen is fiction, but it is inspired by many true stories from rural Mexico. The novel takes place in the mountains of Guerrero, Mexico where Ladydi Garcia Martinez is brought up amongst a violent drug war. There the women, abandoned by local men, are left to take whatever steps necessary to prevent their daughters from being kidnapped by the cartel, from disguising them as boys to hiding them in burrows to going to extreme lengths to make them look ugly and therefore undesirable. Ladydi manages to escape when she’s offered a nannying job in Acapulco. While there, she finds love – and even more danger. When a friend is implicated in a cartel-affiliated murder case, it will take all of Ladydi’s strength and resilience to carry on. Prayers for the Stolen is “an unforgettable story of friendship, family, and determination.” (Quote from Hardcover edition)

What is Our Theme During the Spring Semester?

In conjunction with the themes in the book, this semester we will be discussing how human trafficking is a prevalent problem, and it’s not just a women’s problem – it’s a people problem. We will also be talking about the different types of relationships women have and how their surroundings shape those relationships, the idea of justice, and how different cultures define beauty for women. Students will be encouraged to bring in relevant, outside materials like articles or excerpts from other books to the meetings for discussion.

When are the Meetings?

Meetings take place on Wednesdays from 7:00pm - 8:00pm on the dates listed below, and are held in MSC 2402.  Light refreshments are provided.   


Meeting Date

Disscussion Topics

February 8, 2017Chapters 1-5
February 22, 2017Chapters 6-10
March 8, 2017Chapters 11-17
March 22, 2017Chapters 18-22
April 5, 2017Chapters 22-27
April 6, 2017Prayers For the Stolen book reading & signing with author Jennifer Clement
April 13, 2017Concluding Thoughts



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