Lactation Room Setup

If you are a building proctor for any buildings on Texas A&M’s campus and are interested in establishing a lactation space, please contact the Women’s Resource Center. We will guide you through the process of ensuring your designated space meets the necessary requirements. Meanwhile, we invite you to review the information below to familiarize yourself with the requirements and considerations for establishing lactation spaces. 

Lactation Space Considerations

  • Identify physical locations suitable for lactation purposes (i.e. private office, bathroom extensions, conference rooms, etc.)
  • Identify whether physical locations are large enough to accommodate basic furniture and necessities (i.e. Chair, couch, personal lockers, sink, trash bin, etc.)
  • Address privacy and security concerns (i.e. Will mothers need a key? Will someone let them in to the room? Are there suitable door locks?
  • Inform students, staff, and visitors about the importance of providing private, secure, and clean lactation spaces for mothers and their babies.
  • Designate times and days for when the lactation spaces will be available.
  • Establish a scheduling system (i.e. Online reservations, phone reservations, or walk-ins welcome)


Basic Ammenities for Lactation Spaces

  • Door that can be locked from the inside
  • Electrical outlets
  • Access to a clean sink and paper towels
  • Trash can
  • Comfortable chair
  • Table or area where mothers can place supplies
  • Appropriate signage that the space is specifically for lactation purposes


Additional Resources on Establishing Lactation Spaces