Alcohol Offenses

Student Legal Services provides advice and counseling on criminal charges. A review of the following crimes should cause students to reconsider abuse of alcohol. 

A person could be charged with multiple offenses. For example, a person could be charged with being a Minor in Possession of Alcohol, Failure to Identify, and Public Intoxication at the same event. The minimum fines are substantial. Services of a bail bond agent may be necessary to provide bail.

Defendants who choose to violate these laws and are arrested will face a difficult period in their lives dealing with the financial and time commitment consequences.

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Expunctions and Non-Disclosure Orders for various offenses are beneficial for future careers. Any person convicted of no more than one violation of the Texas Alcohol Beverage Code while a minor, on attaining the age of 21 years, may apply to the court in which he was convicted to have the conviction expunged. Following entry of an expunction order, the occurrence of the M.I.P. conviction and existence of the expunction order may be denied by the defendant as the court records will be removed.

State Alcohol Awareness Class

Completion of a state approved Alcohol Awareness Class may be ordered as part of the legal sanctions. Classes are offered on the TAMU campus by the Center for Alcohol and Drug Education Studies (CADES) to students and the public.

For more information visit or contact the Center for Alcohol and Drug Studies at 979.862.1525

TAMU Student Rule alcohol violations

Students issued alcohol citations while on the Texas A&M University campus may also be subject to student disciplinary action by the University. Such action may be taken in addition to and independent of any court ruling. Students are notified in writing of student conduct charges by Student Conduct Offices in the Offices of the Dean of Student Life. For more information concerning the student conduct process, contact Student Conflict Conduct Offices at 979.847.7272 or visit that office inBizzell Hall East, 2nd floor.


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