Ethics and Decision Making Workshop

The SCO Ethics & Decision Making (EDM) workshop was created to assist students in recognizing the consistencies or inconsistencies in what they say they value and what their actions reflect as values. The workshop consists of one three hour classroom sessions, along with a companion workbook that students complete before attending the workshop. The EDM focuses on creating a shared understanding of basic concepts related to morals, values, and ethics.

Students learn the definitions of morals, values, ethics and integrity which will be used for the duration of the workshop; discuss the moral theory concepts of Piaget, Kohlberg, Gilligan and Bynum presented in the workbook; discuss values theory and their personal values, including the Aggie Honor Code; and identify how ethical standards are developed. Additionally, students discuss decision making principals and concepts; learn the steps used in ethical decision making; discuss integrity and judgment based actions; and learn skills to help their actions reflect their identified values and ethical standards.

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