Student Conduct Expungements

The file of a student found to have violated University rules shall be retained as a student conduct record for five years from the date of the student's graduation or from the last day of the last semester the student is enrolled. Student conduct records may be retained for as long as administratively valuable or permanently if the student was expelled, dismissed, suspended or blocked from reenrollment and in situations that may result in future litigation.

Complaints of sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, or related retaliation may result in the creation of a file in the complainant's name. This file shall be retained for no less than five years from the complainant's graduation date or from the last day of the last semester the student is enrolled. These files may be retained for as long as administratively valuable. Complainants who wish to have their complainant file expunged should contact Jennifer Ford via email at

In accordance with Texas A&M University Student Rules (Texas A&M University Student Rule 28), student conduct records may be expunged for good cause by the Dean of Student Life and/or designee, upon receipt of a written request by the student. Expulsions and suspensions will not be eligible for expungement. Receipt of an expungement request does not guarantee the request will be granted. Factors to be considered in review of such petitions shall include, but are not limited to:

  • Any ongoing and/or uncompleted sanctions;
  • Any ongoing contact restrictions;
  • The graduation date of the requesting student and/or of complainant(s) associated with the case;
  • The present demeanor of the student;
  • The conduct of the student subsequent to the violation; and
  • The nature of the violation and the severity of any damage, injury, or harm resulting from it.

Cadets and Former Cadets

Expungements of conduct files through the following process only addresses University conduct files and may not result in the removal of files maintained by the Office of the Commandant. Individuals who were cadets at the time of their incident should check the Corps of Cadets box in the Expungement Request Form which will result in the form being forwarded to the Office of the Commandant for review. Decisions regarding files maintained solely by the Office of the Commandant will be made independently.

Students who wish to submit a records expungement request should carefully review the information below before submitting the appropriate paperwork.

Filing a Student Life Conduct Expungement Request

To submit an expungement request, students must complete the Expungement Request Form.

Expungement Decisions

After review of all the information provided, expungement request decisions will be communicated in writing to the student. Every effort will be made to send follow-up correspondence within ten University business days.