Ethics and Decision Making Workshop Registration

The Student Conduct Office's Ethics & Decision Making (EDM) workshop was created to assist students in recognizing the consistencies or inconsistencies in what they say they value and what their actions reflect as values. The workshop consists of a 2-hour classroom session, along with a companion workbook that students complete before attending the workshop. The EDM focuses on creating a shared understanding of basic concepts related to morals, values, and ethics. Students learn to define morals, values, ethics and integrity which; discuss values theory and their personal values, including the Aggie Honor Code; and identify how ethical standards are developed. Additionally, students discuss decision making principals and concepts; learn the steps used in ethical decision making; discuss integrity and judgment based actions; and learn skills to help their actions reflect their identified values and ethical standards.

  1. WRITE DOWN THE DATE, TIME, AND LOCATION OF THE WORKSHOP YOU REGISTER FOR. It is your responsibility to keep track of this information and you WILL NOT receive any reminders prior to the date of your workshop. If there are any changes to the workshop, you will be notified via your official University email account ( and/or the telephone number you provide during registration.
  2. PLEASE NOTE that if you register for a workshop and fail to attend, a REGISTRATION HOLD may be placed on your student account and/or you may be referred to the Student Conduct Office and ADDITIONAL STUDENT CONDUCT CODE CHARGES may be brought against you.
  3. If you do not have your WORKBOOK COMPLETE, you may be asked to leave the workshop. This is at the discretion of the workshop facilitator.
  4. IF YOU ARE LATE for your workshop, you may be asked to reschedule for another workshop at the discretion of the workshop facilitator.
  5. DO NOT COMPLETE THIS WEBFORM MORE THAN ONCE. If you are unable to attend the workshop you registered for please contact the Student Conduct Office at (979) 847-7272 before you attempt to register for a new date.


    **Don't forget to download AND complete the Ethics & Decision Making Workbook.**
DO NOT REGISTER FOR MORE THAN ONE WORKSHOP DATE. If you need to reschedule please call the Student Conduct Office at (979) 847-7272.