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Student Support

Student Absence Notification

If you notify our office that you will be absent from classes, our office will send an absence notification to your professors and the Academic Dean's office of your college. We do not require documentation but your professor(s) might.

You are still responsible for contacting individual instructors to arrange make-up work and to provide additional documentation explaining the reason for the absence, if requested to do so.

Instructors do not have to allow you to make up work missed for an unexcused absence.

Student rule that addresses attendance

Withdrawing from School

Depending on the length of your absence you may need or want to withdraw for the current semester.

Our job is to advise students on the Texas A&M official withdrawal process and can help you and/or your family members coordinate this process, if needed.

Wtihdrawing information from the Registrar

Accommodations for Temporary Disabilities

Students that feel they need accommodations due to a temporary disability may want to set up an appointment with a staff member in Disability Services to discuss their potential needs.  Disability Services can provide information about how access disabled parking, where to rent equipment, and how to set-up accommodations for classes.  General Information for students with a temporary disabling condition is available at Disability Services.

Student Deaths

For a current student who has passed away please call Student Assistance Services at 979.845.3113.

For a Former Student who has passed, email The Association of Former Students.