We Can Help Sticker

We Can Help Bathroom Sticker


In order to assist indivuduals affected by power based personal violence connect get connected to resources, the Sexual Assault Survivor Services Committee developed the sticker above which can be placed in descreet locations such as bathrooms.  In addition to providing numbers of campus and community resources, the sticker also has a QR code which links to webpages with additional information about reporting options, legal options, and support services for those affected by power based personal violence.  

The stickers are 5.5" x 8.5" and are designed so that they will not degrade when exposed to cleaning products.  The sticker adhesive is formulated to prevent it from lifting paint when it is removed from surfaces.  

If you would like to request a sticker, please use the form below.  Please note this sticker is designed for the Texas A&M Campus and areas which are highly trafficed by students in the local community.  Submitting a request for stickers does not gaurantee that you will recieve them.  If you are requesting stickers to be placed in a University building, please make sure that you have sought the permission of the building proctor before submitting the request. 

Requester Information
Request Information
Stickers will be sent via interoffice mail to individuals with a University Mail Stop. Individuals without a University Mail Stop will need to pick up the stickers at the Dean's Office reception area in Bizzell Hall East.