Assistance for Students in Case of an Emergency

Texas A&M University and the Division of Student Affairs have developed a Critical Incident Response Team  (CIRT), consisting of university administrators and staff, to best respond to the critical incidents involving students.

CIRT is available 24/7, 365 days a year to help students on and off campus during a critical incident.
You can activate the CIRT team by calling University police at (979) 845-2345
For more information about CIRT, go to Critical Incident Response Team.

Contacting Your Student in an Emergency

Often a family emergency may require you to immediately reach your son or daughter. If that emergency occurs at a time during which your student is in a class it may be difficult for you to contact her/him via telephone, and you may need a message delivered. The Student Assistance Services Office can assist families in contacting their student during regular office hours by calling (979) 845-3113. In such cases, a staff member from the office will go to your student’s classroom and notify her/him of the emergency and ask him/her to contact a family member as soon as possible. If the emergency occurs after 5:00 pm, families can contact the University Police Department at (979) 845-2345 and ask that someone from the Student Affairs - Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) respond to the situation.

Emergencies and Critical Incidents