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Meredith Malnar

Assistant Director, Offices of the Dean of Student Life

 Focus: Departmental Marketing, Administrative Oversight of Health Promotion and
New Student & Family Programs. Large Scale Collaboration and Projects




Emily C. Ivey

Program Coordinator

Focus: Overall coordination of New Student Conferences, Campus Partner to
Academic Units and University Departments. Oversight to office initiatives and
programs, leads New Student & Family Programs team. Office Wide
Business Advertisers & Partners.

Photo of Associate Coordinator Libby Daggers



Libby Daggers

Associate Coordinator

 Focus: Parent & Family Programs,
Advisor to Family Weekend Committee 

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Associate Coordinator

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Focus: Primary Advisor to the Aggie Orientation Leader
Program, Coordinator for Howdy Week (Aggieland's
Week of Welcome) 


 Photo of Communications Specialist Derek Byrne

Derek Byrne

Communications Specalist

 Focus: Office Publications, Marketing, Social Media Outreach, Website,

New Student & Family Communication Strategies 

Photo of Administrative Assistant Erin Brannan



Erin Brannan

Administrative Assistant

Focus: Logistics, Office Manager, Student & Family Support.




Heather Deere

Graduate Assistant 

Focus: Co-Advisor to Family Weekend Committee




Darren Dubose

Graduate Assistant 

Focus: Co-Advisor to the Aggie Orientation Leader Program