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Dr. Jackson KatzThe Texas A&M University Sexual Assault Survivor Services Committee is proud to present Dr. Jackson Katz for a limited speaking engagement on October 4-5, 2017. Jackson Katz, Ph.D., is an educator, author, filmmaker, and cultural theorist who is internationally renowned for his pioneering scholarship and activism on issues of gender, race and violence. He has long been a major figure and thought leader in the growing global movement of men working to promote gender equality and prevent gender violence.

In between lectures, Dr. Katz will be available at meet and greets and will be signing copies of his book, The Macho Paradox: Why Some Men Hurt Women and How All Men Can Help.  Copies will be available for purchase or can be purchased in advance and brought to the lectures.

Tickets for community members are $25 for a one day pass or $40 for both days.  Attendees of Dr. Katz's lectures at the Memorial Student Center will be able to use the University Center Garage or Cain Garage located adjacent to the MSC and pay the hourly parking rate.

Registration is now closed.

Texas A&M University students, staff, and faculty can attend the lecture series free of charge and should RSVP here. 

For more information about Dr. Katz and to view his TED Talk, visit http://www.jacksonkatz.com/

October 4, 2017  

10:00am-10:45amPre-Function Area Outside of Gates Ballroom (MSC 2400)

Book Signing

11:00am-12:15pmGates Ballroom, MSC 2400

Tough Guise: Violence, Manhood, & American Culture

In this lecture the presenter uses clips from his film Tough Guise 2 to illustrate his central thesis: violence is overwhelmingly a gendered phenomenon.  Any serious effort to understand and ultimately to prevent violence requires an understanding of the relation -- across class, race and ethnicity -- between cultural ideologies of masculinity and the perpetration of violence.

2:30pm-4:30pmGates Ballroom, MSC 2400

Blurred Lines: Sex and Violence in Media and Real Life

Using clips from his films and other media examples, the presenter will focus on the normalization of men's violence against women in mainstream media.

7:00pm-9:00pmGates Ballroom, MSC 2400

The Macho Paradox: Why Some Men Hurt Women and How all Men Can Help 

The presenter is one of the world's leading experts on engaging men in the prevention of all forms of gender violence. He created and directed the first prevention programs in the sports culture and US military, and will share lessons learned and experiences from three decades of work in those and other areas. This includes the imperative of understanding and implementing approaches that incorporate intersectional sensibilities about the relationship among gender, sexuality, race and ethnicity.


 October 5, 2017   

9:30am-11:30amGates Ballroom, MSC 2400

Violence Against Women is a Men’s Issue

The presenter will outline the key features of what he argues is the fundamental paradigm shift necessary to address gender violence prevention successfully, as well as intersectionality.

11:30am-12:15pmPre-Function Area Outside of Gates Ballroom (MSC 2400)Book Signing
2:30pm-4:30pmGates Ballroom, MSC 2400

Violence & Silence

This talk focuses on the pervasive problem of men's violence against women, and the role that gender dynamics in peer cultures at the societal and local level play in perpetuating attitudes and beliefs that can lead to acts of abuse and violence.

7:00pm-9:00pmGates Ballroom, MSC 2400

Gender on the Agenda: The Socialization of Children in a Culture of Violence

The presenter uses clips from his and others' films to illustrate how gender norms -- for girls, boys and others, in all classes and racial/ethnic groups -- contribute to abusive behaviors.


Financial Supporters

The Sexual Assault Survivor Services Committee would like to extend a special thank you to the financial supporters for this event: Division of Student Affairs 2.0 Committee; Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs; College of Pharmacy; College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences; Consensual Language, Education, Awareness & Relationships; Division of Student Affairs Staff Development Team; Interfraternity Council; Office of the Vice President and Associate Provost for Diversity; and the Women’s Resource Center.

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