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What is In Her Own Words?

In Her Own Words is a program of the Women’s Resource Center that uses a non-traditional approach to the study of women and women’s issues. In Her Own Words aims to unite all Aggies of all majors and genders who share a passion for acquiring and sharing information about women by providing an avenue in which students, faculty, and staff can engage in discussions and analyses of relevant literary works.

This spring 2018 semester, the book club will have 3 "fixed" meetings and 2 "un-fixed" meetings. This means that meetings on February 7, March 7, and April 11 will be "fixed" and have predetermined essays which members will read for those meetings. For the "un-fixed" meetings on February 21 and March 28, book club members will collectively choose which essays they would like to read on those dates at previous meetings. By doing so, we hope interested students, staff, and faculty feel welcome to join the club at any point during the semester. Please contact the Women's Resource Center if you have any questions about this format. 

 The Women’s Resource Center is proud to partner with Texas A&M’s Interdisciplinary Program in Women’s and Gender Studies, Brazos Valley Reads, and the University Libraries.

Who is Involved?

Qualified faculty and staff members will be facilitating the meetings.  Members may include students (undergraduate and graduate), staff, and faculty. Members can join at any point during the semester. The book club will have dynamic faculty and staff members from various disciplines and departments to facilitate unique and engaging conversations at each meeting. Previous facilitators have included Dean Pamela Matthews from the College of Liberal Arts! If you are interested in becoming a discussion facilitator, please contact the Women's Resource Center for more information.

What Do We Want Members to Gain from this Club?

We hope that by engaging in conversations about the important issues involving women, members will take one step in committing to lifelong learning, one of Texas A&M’s top priorities. By studying and discussing literature, members can demonstrate critical thinking, learn to communicate effectively, practice personal and social responsibility, demonstrate social, cultural, and global competence, and learn to work collaboratively. Members will also be involved in non-traditional, lighthearted discussions about topics they may not ever discuss in their studies or everyday conversations.


What are We Reading During the Spring Semester?

Island of Bones by Joy Castro. Island of Bones is an autobiographical series of essays that explore Castro's troubled adolescence and who she is today. Born in Miami, raised in England and West Virginia, and educated in Texas, Joy Castro is the award-winning author of two literary thrillers set in post-Katrina New Orleans, two memoirs, and a collection of short fiction. Editor of the anthology Family Trouble, she lives and works in Lincoln, Nebraska. Despite the challenges she encountered, Castro went on to continue her education by earning a doctorage, and later, tenure at Wabash College.

Island of Bones is the winner of the International Latino Book Award for the Most Inspirational Nonfiction Book in English. Below is a description of the book:

 "What is identity when you're a girl adopted as an infant by a Cuban American family of Jehovah's Witnesses? The answer isn't easy. You won't find it in books. And you certainly won't find it in the neighborhood. This is just the beginning of Joy Castro's unmoored life of searching and striving that she's turned to account with literary alchemy in Island of Bones. In personal essays that plumb the depths of not-belonging, Castro takes the all-too-raw materials of her adolescence and young adulthood and views them through the prism of time. The result is an exquisitely rendered, richly detailed perspective on a uniquely troubled young life that reflects on the larger questions each of us faces in a world where diversity and singularity are forever at odds."

Book club members will also have a special opportunity to meet Joy Castro! Castro will be visiting Texas A&M on Tuesday, April 10th for a public reading in the Annenberg Center at 7:00 p.m. 

When are the Meetings?

All spring 2018 meetings will take place from 5:30 p.m. - 6:40 p.m.


Meeting Date

Meeting Locations

Disscussion Topics

 Wednesday, February 7 MSC 1401

 Island of Bones

 What My Mother Told Me When I Found Her

 Clips of My Father's House

 Turn of Faith

 Wednesday, February 21 MSC 1401

 Getting Lost

In Theory

Farm Use

Hip Joints

 Wednesday, March 7 MSC 1401

 No Mas Monkey



The Athens of the Midwest

 Wednesday, March 28 MSC 2402 Book Club Members' Choice 
 Wednesday, April 11 MSC 2402


On Becoming Educated

Vesper Adest

"¿Quien es Jimmy Choo?":

A Latina Mother Comes of Age




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