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Aggie Up Programs

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Noise Abatement Class

Over the past few years, the City of College Station, through its police department, neighborhood services office, and city council, has seen an increase in the number of neighborhood complaints and issues. The concerns revolve around non-student residents’ anxiety over property values, noise and party problems, as well as, some concerns related to city code violations (i.e. trash, grass, furniture). The course is designed to provide the opportunities for students to develop skills and strategies that can equip them to deal with neighborhood and local community issues. It has been stated several times that an individual is always someone’s neighbor – meaning that as an educational institution, there is a collaborative responsibility to educate our students on the importance of good citizenship not just within our campus community, but also within the larger community the institution resides. Noise Abatement Class is a three-hour seminar designed for off campus students focusing on their rights and responsibilities while living in residential communities in College Station, Texas. Students must visit Student Services at White Creek to reserve a space in the class. Online payments without proper paperwork will not be honored as "registered." Pay for noise abatement online.


Walk and Talks

Off-Campus Student Services partners with College Station Police Department and Bryan Police Department to walk neighborhoods identified to be significantly populated by Texas A&M students as part of its university/community outreach initiative, the Aggie Up Campaign.  The walk and talks bring residents information about city codes, safety, community and university services, right to their front door.  


Staff with a student at the Barracks Participants of Walk and Talk at the Barracks Aggie Up Staff with student at the Barracks


Awareness Campaign

Off-Campus Student Services seek to raise awareness of the Aggie Up campaign among Texas A&M students. Beginning in spring 2014 a poster campaign will be lauched on campus and through social media. The poster campaign will raise general awareness of the Aggie Up campaign as well as highlighting specific city codes that students more frequently struggle with. Take a look at the Aggie Up campaign posters.


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