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Rationale for Noise Abatement Class
Over the past few years, the City of College Station, through its Police Department, neighborhood services office, and City Council, has seen an increase in the number of neighborhood complaints and issues. The concerns revolve around non-student residents’ anxiety over property values, noise and party problems, as well as, some concerns related to city code violations (i.e. trash, grass, furniture).

Based on a rising outcry from concerned neighbors, in 2007 the City of College Station looked at the possibility of changing the city ordinance related to unrelated habitants of single family homes. Currently, the ordinance allows for up to four (4) unrelated occupants in a single family dwelling. The City Council was considering a reduction to two (2) unrelated occupants. The Texas A&M Student Government Association (SGA) responded to the City Council’s inquiry with concerns from student residents about rental rates, available property in the community for students, and a fear that a broad code change would impact all student residents instead of holding only those student residents responsible for poor behavior accountable.

In the spring of 2008, the SGA presented a proposal (Living Among Aggies) to the College Station City Council. In collaboration with students, city offices, the City Council and Texas A&M University administrators, the SGA proposed a five (5) tiered process to educated, communicate and act on poor student resident behavior. A component of this plan is a class students could be sanctioned to participate in by the City of College Station Municipal Court.

Our shared vision is to provide a better solution to ongoing concerns through education which positively alters behavior and unacceptable conduct through a new educational tool used as a ‘fresh start’ to address town/gown neighborhood issues for both student and non-student residents. Off campus students will learn how to coexist and thrive in College Station through the use of an interactive tool used to educate students on similarities between neighbors with different priorities and lifestyles; provide identification of areas of conflict between populations and find solutions; inform students about both the rules and the members who make up the community; and to create a collaboration between all stakeholders to build a strong sense of community.

Class Outline
The beginning of the Noise Abatement Class introduces students to many city codes that off campus students are unaware of so that they can avoid other tickets in the future. Next, there is a section on ethics and decision making. The class participants complete a Values Assessment then discuss how their behaviors prior to the noise violation and after the noise violation match up with their values. Students participate in exercises to help them develop conflict management skills and form a plan to speak with their neighbors about conflicts in a positive manner. Next, students discuss ways to have a gathering of friends while obeying laws and city codes. Lastly, all of the information is tied together and students are given the opportunity to provide feedback on the class.


Class Registration
Click here to access the registration form. Once you are registered for the class, you will receive an email notification with an access link to make your payment for Noise Abatement Class. Making your payment of $50 for Noise Abatement Class will finalize your registration for the class. If you fail to complete your registration by not paying for the course, you will not be able to attend your desired class. All registration should be taken care of prior to attending Noise Abatement Class as payment will not be accepted the day of class. If you have questions contact Off-Campus Student Services at 979.845.1741. 


Noise Abatement Class Fall 2017
Wednesday, September 13, 2017 1pm - 4pm MSC 1401
Tuesday, October 17, 2017  9am - 12pm MSC 2402 
Friday, November 10, 2017  1pm - 4pm MSC 2402 
Monday, December 4, 2017  1pm - 4pm MSC 2402


For more information about Aggie Up or questions about Noise Abatement Class, visit Off-Campus Student Services at Student Services at White Creek or call the office at 979.845.1741. Please note that for Noise Abatement Class, payments are due one week prior to the class date. If no payment is received, you will be dropped from the class.