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Library at the GLBT Resource Center

Lending Library and Resource Room

(Student Services at White Creek, Student Life Building 3)


       The GLBT Resource Center maintains a library of several hundred books, periodicals, and movies that can be checked out for up to two weeks by students, faculty, and staff. We also provide educational literature in the form of brochures and fact sheets that cover a range of GLBT topics. Our new Resource Room is available to visitors who wish to catch up on the latest GLBT news, take a break between classes, or check out a book or movie from our library. Everyone is welcome to sit and read at their leisure or strike up a conversation with friends.

       The Resource Room is the place to go for information about GLBT resources on campus and in the Bryan/College Station community. Our staff can help you get plugged-in to the local GLBT community, find GLBT-related courses at Texas A&M University, and provide information about upcoming events and programs. View the GLBT Library online or request resources