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History of the GLBT Resource Center at A&M

      The Gender Issues Education Services (GIES) office was first opened as Women's  Programs in the Department of Student Life in 1994. In 1996, the first Graduate Assistant for GLBT services was hired and Women's Programs was renamed Gender Issues Education Services in 1997 when GLBT services were permanently added to the GIES mission statement.  GIES worked with students, the Faculty Senate, Graduate Student Council, Student Senate and former Texas A&M University President Ray Bowen on a harassment and discrimination statement which included recognition of sexual orientation.  This policy was adopted by the University in 2000, the same year as the founding of a new recognized network through the Offices of the Dean of Faculties known today as the GLBT Professional Network.

      During the 2004/2005 academic year, GIES was combined with the Women’s Center to form the Women’s and Gender Equity Resource Center (WGERC).  The WGERC continued to offer resource and referral services to the GLBT student population and carried on established GIES programs such as Coming Out Week and Gay Awareness Week in the fall and spring semesters.  In September 2007, the WGERC was divided into a stand-alone Women’s Resource Center and the Gender Issues Education Center (GIEC) in the Division of Student Affairs.  For the first time in Texas A&M University history, an office (GIEC) was formed with a sole mission focus on GLBT programming and serving as a resource and referral center for GLBT Aggies and their heterosexual peers.  The GIEC doors opened on September 1, 2007 in Cain Hall.

In July 2008, former Texas A&M University President Elsa Murano approved a name change from Gender Issues Education Center (GIEC) to Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) Resource Center based upon a yearlong study including focus groups as well as input from faculty, staff and students.  The GLBT Resource Center remains administratively aligned with the Offices of the Dean of Student Life in the Division of Student Affairs.

     The GLBT Resource Center is a resource and referral center dedicated to providing a safe and affirming location on campus for all students regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity or expression.  The Center maintains an extensive library of books, periodicals and media utilized by Aggies conducting research in the fields of sexuality and gender studies.  The Center is responsible for multiple annual campus-wide educational programs/events including Coming Out Week, GLBT Awareness Week, GLBT Health Week, AIDS Awareness Week and Transgender Day of Remembrance.  The Center also advises and partners with Texas A&M University Administrators on issues impacting the GLBT community.

     Programs facilitated by the GLBT Resource Center have been a part of Texas A&M University’s commitment to diversity, education and safety for well over a decade.  The staff of the GLBT Resource Center fosters collaborative partnerships with departments across campus and in the community in order to make Aggieland a safe and welcoming space for every Aggie every day.  As resources for marginalized populations increase, we continue to support the overall Mission and Purpose of Texas A&M University.


You can help write LGBTQ+ people into the history of Texas A&M University!

If you have photos, flyers, documents, or any artifacts pertaining to the history of GLBT people at Texas A&M that you are willing to donate or make copies of, please let us know.  We're also interested in documenting the oral history of GLBT people at Texas A&M...if you have a story to tell or a donation of materials, please email and let us know!

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