Breakout Session 2

Saturday, 1:15 PM - 2:30 PM


The Game, Our Influences, and Advocacy

Location: Auxilary A
Presenters: Justin Lopez
Description: This breakout session will discuss "The Game" and tactics men use in pursuing relationships and/or hook-ups.  The influencing factors in our lives and advocacy against unhealthy relationships and sexual violence.

The Impact of "Masc": Exploring Masculinity's Effects on Gay Men in College

Location: Auxilary B
Presenter: Stephen Britt & Danny Foster
Description: Acceptance is the goal of any college student.  Gay men are no different.  However, when operating in a society which values masculinity and the traditional male role there is a desire for many gay men to adhere to the traditional masculine ideal, often difficult given the nature of their sexual and romantic attractions. With rates of mental disorders, such as depression and anxiety, suicide ideation, and suicide attempt at nearly twice the level of the general population for gay men many researchers have begun to point at masculinity culture as a large contributor to the problem. This presentation will introduce a general overview of masculinity scholarship, explore the connection between masculinity and the mental health of college aged gay men, and provide insight on how we might be able to help alleviate some of the stress caused by traditional masculinity standards.

Airing Out the Locker Room: Masculinity and Sports

Location: Main Room
Presenter: Dustin Grabsch
Description: Sports have historically served as a venue in which high performance expectations have been set for men.  This environment has been centered upon competition. On fields, rinks, tracks, and rings, the need for performance has become like the strut of a peacock rather than a focus on winning. The role of men in these arenas has become more about performance than about play. Let’s air out the locker room and be critical of men and sport environments.