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Vendors and Outside Contacts

Marketing Package

The Marketing Package offers several opportunities for properties to publicize their housing options. The property will be added into OCSS publications, allowed to keep brochures in our office for student use and list their property in AggieSearch. Purchasing the Marketing Package also enables properties to purchase graphical ads in the Off-Campus Survival Manual and register for the Housing Fair. Marketing Package information will be emailed to local properties and property management companies in early fall and is typically due the second week in November. If you would like to be included in the information email, please email our office with your property name and contact information.

MARKETING PACKAGE REGISTRATION FORMS. The Marketing Package file works best if utilized in Internet Explorer or FireFox. If you cannot view the fillable PDF XML form in the "Marketing Package" link above, please use this Marketing Package PDF link instead.  


To pay for Marketing Package 2018 online visit our Student Life Storefront.

Housing Fair

The Housing Fair is an annual event that takes place each spring semester during the month of October. It is an opportunity for students to do one-stop shopping for a new place to live. In October, 50+ leasing agencies and apartment complexes reserve tables in the Memorial Student Center to provide detailed information to students and parents looking for information about living off campus. Local community services, such as the Bryan/College Station police departments and recycling, and university departments, such as Transportation Services and Dining Services, also sponsor booths to provide valuable information to off campus students. Please note you must have purchased a Marketing Package in order to be eligible to participate in this event.