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Off-Campus Student Resources


Housing Information

Aggie Search

You can access the off campus housing database, AggieSearch, from any computer at any time. On this site, you can quickly search for housing and/or roommates. Narrow your results in an advanced search by selecting a price range, the size of the facility you want to rent, or how far or close to campus you want to reside. You will also find featured properties and new listings on the front page.

Accessibilty Listing

If you need specific accommodations, such as those for physical, hearing or visual impairments, please view our Accessibility Listing. This document will provide you information on which properties (of those listed in the current Off-Campus Survival Manual) offer specific accommodations. Use ctr + to zoom in!


The Texas Apartment Association provides advocacy, education and communication for the Texas rental housing industry. Most leases used in Bryan/College Station are TAA leases. The state of Texas has an extensive property code that outlines your rights and responsibilites as it relates to renting property in Texas. It is important to remember that it is your responsibility to understand what is expected of you as a tenant and how to protect yourself and your property while residing in a rental dwelling.

Leasing Appointments

Do you have some questions about your lease? Are you trying to better understand what the legal jargon means to you? Student Legal Services can help. We’re happy to meet with you about any off campus concerns or questions, including:

  • Lease explanation
  • Repair issues
  • Getting your deposit back
  • Moving out early
  • Roommate mediation

Just call our office at 979.862.4502 to schedule an appointment. Please bring the Student Legal Services Intake Form and pertinent data, documentation, or information to the appointment in order to maximize your ability to take prompt action.

Renter's Insurance

We recommend purchasing renter's insurance in order to protect yourself from liability.While most properties cover the physical dwelling, they do not cover your individual belongings. Renter's Insurance covers your valuables as well as any damage you may cause to the building all for a minimal monthly or annual fee. Our office does not recommend particular insurance agencies, but we encourage you to search and choose one that provides the coverage to meet your particular needs. 

Pricing List

The pricing list is a compiled list of available housing prices in the Bryan/College Station area pulled from our AggieSearch website in May of each year. 

Temporary Housing

Need a housing option, but not for an extended period of time? There are a variety of properties that offer temporary housing in the Bryan/College Station community. If you are in need of temporary housing, please contact our office for more information.

Roommate Information

Roommate Contract

Off-Campus Student Services recommends that a Roommate Contract be completed anytime a new lease is signed or a lease is renewed. This document is designed to provide its users the opportunity to establish some guidelines related to the details of their living arrangements. Users are encouraged to spend quality time discussing each section, being as forthright and honest with their opinions as possible. Although designed to be a legally binding agreement, its main purpose is to provide a chance for you to proactively discuss issues that could potentially become areas of conflict.The contract can be found in the Off-Campus Survival Manual.


You are your roommate's roommate. Learn how to develop a strong, open roommate relationship. It is important to take time to get to know each other a little bit better before jumping into the semester with classes, activities, work, and whatnot. This resource is excellent for asking those initial questions (where your roommate is from, their family, high school, activities, hobbies, etc.), setting up the lines of communication, and negotiating the initial ground rules for living together.

Roommate Conflicts

There are some common concerns and issues that arise between roommates. Some examples include a roommate moving out before the designated end of the lease or when roommates simply find it impossible to continue living together. Other issues addressed involve the roommate’s combined responsibility of bills and the significance of signing a lease. Information is also provided on how to contact local court authorities if the situation leaves no other option besides Justice of the Peace Court.


Additional Resources

5 Tips to Help Students Thrive 

Moving to a new area can be challenging for new students! The City of College Station has provided helpful information to assit you in learning how to be a thriving community member. Use these tips to learng about College Station and how to be a good neighbor to make Aggieland your new home away from home. 



The Aggie Budget has been developed to help students work out a semester or monthly budget that they can realistically follow. It will help in the planning and tracking of expenses each semester.


Party Smart 

Going to a party? Throwing a party? Learn how to celebrate safely in Bryan/College Station. 

Living Off-Campus Blog

A blog by the City of College Station with information benefical for students living off-campus.


Parking Reminders

Want to enjoy Aggie Football and avoid getting parking tickets/towed? Check out this blog by the City of College Station with parking violations to avoid. These parking violations are also seen throughout the year.


Are you living in off campus housing? Do you feel disconnected to the rest of the student body? Join the Off Campus Student Listserv today to receive Bryan/College Station city code updates, University and Community announcements, and event notifications.

Bike Map

View the College Station bike map to see bike routes around town.


Learn how to protect yourself and your belongings. Theft is one of the biggest crimes on and off campus. Make sure you lock your doors and hide your valuables. And if you see something odd, say something!

Pet Information

Did you know that Texas A&M students receive a 20% discount on all veterinary services? Find out more about the Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital at