Off-Campus Students

Off-Campus Student Services

There are over 40,000 students who live off-campus at Texas A&M University. As you may have noticed, there is a lot of construction in Bryan/College Station, much of which is new development for off campus housing. With the growth in the student population, many management companies are choosing to build in the area, so there are a variety of housing options if you choose to live off-campus. OCSS provides several programs and resources in order to assist you before, during and after your housing search so that you can navigate living off campus.

Searching for housing?
The Bryan/College Station area offers a wide variety of housing options. There are several resources available to aid you in your search for off-campus housing and/or finding a roommate. For a more extensive list of resources available to aid you in your off-campus housing search, visit our off campus housing search resource section.

Looking for a roommate? Need to sublease your apartment?
Are you looking for a roommate? Do you want to find someone who already has a place to live that you can move in with? Look no further than AggieSearch. You can create an account, post a roommate profile, and search the current database of roommate listings all from the comfort of your home.

Off-campus life made easy:
Take the preventative approach! Visit our Off Campus Resources section to learn more about living off campus. We cover a variety of topics, including your lease, renter's insurance, safety, and how to develop a solid roommate relationship.

Frequent Code Violations 

Living off campus has its own set of rules: city ordinances. Learn more about common code violations that you can be fined for and how to avoid them.Click "Frequent Code Violations" for a more detailed list of codes. 

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