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Phone Scams in BCS

Learn more about current phone scams that show the call is from the College Station Police Department and ask for money.

Changes in Rental Registration

Do you or your parents own rental property in College Station? If so, check out this brochure to learn more about recent changes to the city ordinance regarding rental registration.


Did you know that city code states only 4 unrelated persons may live together? If you're living with more than four, your property manager/owner is in violation, and you could be evicted if they are caught and your name isn't on the lease. Be sure to get your lease in writing and make sure your name is listed on it! Verbal promises from landlords that it is "OK" to have 6 unrelated people living together are not valid.


Off Campus Living:

Off Campus Survival Manual

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To find out about more about our services, please call 979.845.1741 or come by our office in Cain Hall room C-215.