Other Programs and Resources

National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week

National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week occurs every year during the third full week of October. This week is a time committed to discussing issues related to alcohol and college, celebrating your responsible and safe decisions as Texas A&M students and community members, and providing a way to interact with others on campus.

Safe Spring Break Week

Safe Spring Break is an annual week of programming focused on encouraging fun, responsible, and safe decisions for spring break activities. View photos from last year here!

Individualized Assistance

We acknowledge that there can be a significant difference in the ways that people choose to interact with alcohol and other drugs. Because of this, we provide the opportunity to work with you on an individual basis to help you with your specific needs. Brief Alcohol Screening Intervention for College Students (BASICS) is one way we do this. Additionally, we are happy to meet with any Texas A&M student who has concerns about his/her own alcohol or other drug use and Texas A&M community members who have a concern about someone else's use of alcohol or other drugs. To set up a meeting with an ADEP staff member or to discuss a concern, call 979.845.0280 or email adep@tamu.edu.

Alcohol Use Assessment

Take part in our online survey that gives you accurate feedback on your personal use of alcohol and how your use compares to other Texas A&M students.e-TAP Alcohol Use Assessment

RAD Plus: Faculty and Staff Education

Popular culture would have us believe that alcohol is not just a part of college life, but one of the primary reasons to go to college. Studying hard and drinking hard, is a mantra for some college students, but how does this mantra impact their ability to learn, study, sleep, be a good student leader, play their sport, and maintain positive relationships? Preparing students for lives of positive civic engagement means preparing them to know how to make responsible and mature decisions surrounding alcohol. As advisors to students and professionals who interact with students, you may know more about their social lives than you care to know, but you may also be an integral part in helping them reduce high risk drinking behavior. RAD Plus will provide you with an update on current alcohol literature, alcohol trends on college campuses, and strategies for confronting high risk drinking behavior. 

21st Birthday Card

On August 3rd, 1999, the Aggie Community lost one of its members to alcohol poisoning on his 21st birthday. The following is a message sent to all Texas A&M University students for their 21st Birthday as an encouragement to celebrate this landmark, but to do so in a safe and responsible way. To learn more, click here.